My name is Marco Brandizi. In the film I play the role of the policeman Domenico (Was that his name? I am sorry, but it is already such a long time ago!)
If I´m not mistaken, the first time I met Uli and Beatrice was at the casting in May 2009. At that time I was at the very beginning of my studies. After a bit of theatre I had started studying at the “Libera Academia Cinematografica” in Macerata where I got to know the two. Yet during the casting I understood that this project was supposed to be something really special and extraordinary, far from the usual work of an actor: in fact, everything was based on improvisation. We only knew some features of our character´s lives and on this basis we had to construct the whole role and to bring the story to life. To be honest, at the beginning I had doubts and found myself deprived of all the things which are fundamental for me, such as a screenplay and the study of the role. After some days at the set however, I understood that we were about to create something fantastic, with the help of everybody: the actors, the director, production and technicians. Shooting this film was an experience I will always carry in my heart.

In conclusion, I want to express my gratitude to Uli and Beatrice. (I never will forget the patience and the professionalism you had towards me).