Hi there, my name is Franco Secondo (…) and in the film I am the Mafia boss who commissions a contract killer to murder the guy in front of the tobacconist. I became a part of

this film through a casting held in Traggiano near Bari. I have been selected out of 400 other candidates and in this way I had the pleasure to know Uli – a really exquisite person. He did a screen test with me and then decided to give me the role. I only have good memories of the shooting. I met a lot of really friendly and professional people who were always available and accessible, from Uli to the rest of the crew. I had a beautiful and unforgettable day. Nice memories you will always remember, and I remember every single one of that day. I hope that I will have the possibility to see Uli again very soon because modest and helpful people as him are rare. Hopefully we will work together again soon.

I played my role with a lot of passion and I put all my expertise in it. For this reason and given that the whole scene was completely improvised without screenplay I am really happy that everybody liked the Mafia boss.

The last thing I want to say is that I hope to be contacted soon to come to the film´s première and in order to see everybody again. I cannot wait to watch the film on a big screen at the cinema and hope that it will become a big success, especially after all the effort and the energy we put in it. Thank you Uli and all the best.